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Osteopathy was first developed by a field surgeon during the American Civil war in 1874. His detailed study of anatomy and fascination   with 'all things mechanical' led him to launch a system of manual medicine based on the body working as a whole.    

Modern osteopathy involves an intensive five year university training program, similar to a medical degree.   Our approach, however, is less about controlling symptoms but more on treating causes particularly of complex, chronic conditions.  By taking this line, many people are offered effective solutions with long term results.

Where appropriate, osteopathy can achieve excellent results for people with HEADACHES, NECK & BACK PAIN, SHOULDER PROBLEMS, SCIATICA and many other complaints.

In some instances, X-Rays or, on occasions, MRI scans are organised.          

Depending on findings, it may be necessary to refer in order to seek the opinion of medical specialists (eg. Neuro surgeon).

Member of the Australian Osteopathic Association :

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Osteopathy A system of manual medicine, is hands on muscle release, joint mobilisation and many other mechanical approaches.

The following 'Services' are used as adjunct, if needed.

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Low Level Laser Therapy.

Used for treating difficult conditions eg. Strained tendons, Plantar fasciitis, Golfers Elbow...

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Ultrasound Therapy. Can aid deep tissue release. Click 'Here' for more details.

Dry needling.  Completed an acupuncture course for manual medicine in 2002.

Including this approach can be of great help in accelerating treatment effectiveness. 

Of course, there are some people who are needle phobics.  If you’re one of them, dry needling

alternatives will be offered.

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Neuro Emotional Technique  (NET).   

This treatment is purely logical and uses applied kinesiology as part of its approach. EG. In some instances, chronic neck pain and headaches may have an emotional component.

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