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Low Level Laser Therapy (Also know as Cold Laser Therapy and PhotoBioModulation).

This therapeutic technique has proved highly potent in addressing difficult-to-treat conditions such as frozen shoulder, damaged tendons, golfers elbow, plantar fasciitis etc.

It does this by switching back on and stimulating the cells in the body that are responsible for tissue repair and healing. 

It may also help in reducing pain and inflammation.

This was first discovered when it was observed that  laser light would dramatically accelerate open wound healing.  This also works for deeper injuries eg. Strained Achilles tendons.

Since then, over the decades, a considerable amount of scientific research has been carried out.  To quote BioFlex Medical laser systems, some 4000 research papers and 500 clinical trials have resulted in one of the strongest evidence based modalities.

For more info., have a look at the PDF attached and YouTube clips: 

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