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Modern osteopathy involves an intensive five year training program, similar to a medical degree. Osteopaths study using many of the same textbooks that medical students use.  Our approach, however, is not just about controlling symptoms but treating causes particularly of complex, chronic conditions.  By taking this line, many people are offered effective solutions with long term results.


Example 1).  A mother booked in complaining about low back pain that had been there for five years.  Treating her back had not helped.  But her back pain started soon after having a caesarian section. It was only by treating the scar that she got some real relief from her back pain.  Using Laser Therapy and Ultra Sound therapy were important adjuncts. 

Example 2).  A nurse booked in complaining about intense shoulder pain.  She had received shoulder treatment from another clinic without any success.   But her problem wasn't her shoulder.  Her shoulder pain was due to a trapped spinal nerve in her neck.  I sent her for an MRI which confirmed a bulging disc pressing on the nerve.  Treating her neck soon resolved her shoulder pain. 

Video of  Osteopathic Q & A's:

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