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Neuro Emotional Technique  (NET)

Emotions such as fear, depression, resentment and many others can negatively affect us long after the original event that caused them has passed.  When our body fails to let go of these emotions, we can find ourselves with unexplained chronic physical problems.

For example, a patient suffering from stress related headaches may have an emotional basis.  Treatment including NET may be appropriate. 

NET uses applied kinesiology to uncover old traumas.   A bad experience may be a one off (eg. a car accident) or repeat patterns of experiences that compounds a certain negative emotion.

Example: Daughter neglected by her father leading to low self esteem.  In some cases, a succession of failed relationships later in life, may compound low self worth.  This compounding of low self worth can lead to self destructive behaviours, subconsciously setting herself up for repeat failures.

Over a period of time - perhaps years - this can weaken the physical body giving rise to physical pain.  Once the memories and the emotions attached (like anger, low self esteem) are identified; a simple procedure is used to 'dissolve' these attached emotions.  This, in effect, then deletes that destructive program.

NET is a simple, logical system.  A bit like finding and deleting computer viruses.

Important note:  This approach goes directly to the subconscious mind (where all the memories, emotional patterns but also major controls for body function are held).  Some people may find this somewhat confronting but it does depend on ones emotional history.

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